Upgrade Your Home Workspace on a Budget

If you’re looking to upgrade your home workspace without breaking the bank, there aremany things you can do to make your space more inviting and productive. From addingcomfortable furniture to personalizing your space with wall decorations, there are manyways you can stay organized and boost your mood while staying on budget. Keep readingfor ways to […]

A New Routine to Benefit Mental Health

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, it’s important to seek professional help. But thereare also little things you can do, and pursuits you can take up, that will help you feel better, moreconfident, and less anxious. If you’re feeling down, it can be difficult to get motivated, but regularpractice of these activities can […]

Treat Your Remote Workers to Tasty Coffee Gifts

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning routine. This is why if you’re
looking for the perfect pick-me-up for your remote work teams, you should consider giving
coffee gifts.

How to Make the Sunday Scaries a Thing of the Past

Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

Looking for the best in coffee lifestyle content? Follow Coffee Beasts today! Do you wind up anxious on Sunday evenings? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience what’s known as the “Sunday Scaries,” feelings of stress, anxiety, or even dread as the weekend comes to a close. Although this is something most of us […]

Civil Unrest Pushes Colombian Coffee Prices to Record Highs as Supply Concerns Heighten

A worker harvesting coffee in Colombia. Photo courtesy of Those Coffee People. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the trajectory of Colombia’s internal coffee prices has defied expectations. The abrupt collapse in oil prices in March 2020 triggered a near 25% reduction in the value of the peso (COP) against the dollar. As coffee beans […]

Food 4 Farmers Appoints First Ever Executive Director, Alyson Welch

Alyson Welch. Photo courtesy of Food 4 Farmers. The coffee community-focused nonprofit Food 4 Farmers has hired its first ever executive director, international development expert Alyson Welch. Welch joins the 10-year-old nonprofit after nearly three years at the Washington D.C.-area international development agency DAI, and more than six years at the internationally focused engineering services […]

ACE/Cup of Excellence and IWCA Sign MOUs to Boost Women in Coffee

Daily Coffee News Staff | June 17, 2021 The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) has signed memoranda of understanding with the nonprofit Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and its sibling nonprofit organization Cup of Excellence (COE). Both MOUs among the largely producer-focused organizations are designed to help women achieve greater financial success and empowerment within […]

Researchers re-animate 70-year-old coffee killer fungus in Africa: Study

Researchers have resurrected 70-year-old frozen fungal samples to search for modern-day causes of coffee wilt. The study, which was published in the journal BMC Genomics on June 4, 2021, demonstrated how historical genomics may aid in the discovery of mechanisms that restrict the spread of fungal infections. Since the 1920s, coffee wilt disease, caused by […]

PJ’s Coffee Named a 2021 Top Mover & Shaker by Fast Casual

Fast Casual has announced its Top 100 Movers & Shakers list for the 16th year in a straight, with PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans ranked #71 owing to their outstanding growth and durability, even during the COVID-19 epidemic. Leadership, creativity, and promise are all criteria considered in this yearly ranking. Fast Casual’s commitment to their […]

Luckin Coffee completes financing milestone under restructuring agreement

Luckin Coffee Inc., located in Beijing and now in provisional liquidation, stated that it has fulfilled the financial milestone set forth in its restructuring assistance agreement (RSA) with holders of the company’s $460 million 0.75 percent convertible senior notes due in 2025. The RSA requires the firm to secure reasonable assurance of finance outside of […]

The Century-Old Process of Making Decaf Coffee

A cup of coffee is often the first thing that comes to mind when we wake up. It’s such a habit that we’ll drink a mug of coffee even if it’s devoid of the substance for which it’s famous: caffeine. Decaf coffee has been available for almost a century, and the technique for producing it […]

% on the chocolate label….what does it mean?

Pure, complete, chocolate going through final refinement process before being formed. A frequently asked question with a relatively simple answer, but to those unfamiliar with the particulars of chocolate making, it can still seem mysterious. The percentages on straight chocolate bars refer to the total amount of cacao contained therein in the most basic terms. […]

Dutch Bros coffee chain files for confidential IPO

The Oregon-based coffee business Dutch Bros Coffee Inc. has filed for a secret initial public offering. TSG Consumer Partners, the consumer-focused private equity group behind Duckhorn Portfolio Inc. NAPA, +1.48 percent, the winery that went public in March, is backing the coffee company, which has locations mostly in the western United States. Robinhood Markets Inc. […]

Climate crisis to hit Europe’s coffee and chocolate supplies

According to a research, the climate catastrophe may soon disrupt coffee and chocolate supply in Europe as droughts affect producer countries. Palm oil imports, which are used in many meals and home items, and soybeans, which are the major feed for hens and pigs in the European Union, were also shown to be very vulnerable. […]

JDE Peet’s to acquire Campos Coffee, a specialty coffee leader in Australia

JDE Peet’s and Campos Coffee have announced that JDE Peet’s would purchase Campos Coffee. The acquisition is scheduled to close in July 2021, subject to a few pre-closing conditions. There were no further terms provided. Campos Coffee is Australia’s speciality coffee leader, with over 600 cafés and distribution methods spanning direct-to-consumer, retail, and its own […]

Brazil Drought Damage to Coffee Seen Lasting to Next Year’s Crop

Brazil’s severe drought, which has hampered this year’s coffee harvest, now threatens to stymie next year’s production as well. Some farmers have seen their trees blossom early, while others are concerned that the continued stress may prevent their trees from fully recovering before the rainy season begins in September. Brazil, the world’s top coffee grower, […]

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Partners with World’s Largest Donkey Rescue

For generations, donkeys could be heard bellowing as they carried loads of coffee beans down the steep mountains of the Big Island, Hawaii. The native people of Kona named the hard-working donkeys the “Bad Ass Ones,” because of their strength and stubborn nature when carrying their cargo. Now, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is paying […]

Costa Rican coffee exports grow 11% in May

Costa Rican coffee exports increased 11% in May compared to the same month last year, despite the fact that shipments in the first eight months of the coffee season were slightly up overall, according to the national coffee institution ICAFE. May exports totalled 159,556 60-kg bags, up from 143,781 bags the previous month, according to […]

5 Things: San Francisco coffee shop owner fires husband for racial slur, LEYE president comments on the future of restaurants

RJ Melman, president of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises and son of co-founder Rich Melman, spoke about the future of the business on Nation’s Restaurant News’ Extra Serving podcast last week. The Chicago-based multiconcept operator manages over 150 restaurants across the country and has remained innovative throughout the epidemic by reviving now-closed businesses as virtual concepts. […]

LGBTQ Utahns say these Salt Lake City coffee shops are their safe spaces

Because there are few queer-specific gathering venues in Utah, many members of the LGBTQ community have turned to coffee shops as de-facto safe spaces, functioning as centres for both connection and affirmation. It’s difficult to pinpoint what makes certain coffee shops more friendly than others, but those that do allow people to be completely themselves: […]

Specialty coffee can be exclusionary. These Seattle cafes are trying to change that

On Union Coffee in the Central District is bustling with activity on a breezy spring afternoon, with owner Geetu Vailoor and barista Grace Rathbone tending to a continuous stream of customers. They chat with many of the regulars, who order cardamom rose lattes and other flavoured beverages, as well as pastries cooked on site, via […]

Coffee with a Cop: Brewing coffee, building bridges

During Coffee with a Cop on June 14 at the Dartmouth Starbucks, cops and the public had a lively discussion. Over complimentary coffee and pastries, the public was able to meet local law enforcement from both the Dartmouth and State police departments. The business is routinely visited by Dartmouth police officers, according to business manager […]

Colombian coffee exports in May drop 52% from May 2020 due to roadblocks and protests

Due to road blockades and anti-government protests that started on April 28, coffee exports in Colombia, one of the world’s coffee meccas, decreased 52 percent in May compared to the same month last year, according to the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC). Colombian coffee exports decreased 52 percent in May to 427,000 bags of […]

Here’s How AI Can Determine The Taste Of Coffee Beans

By 2025, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to be worth $126 billion. It may be found in a variety of industries, including healthcare, agriculture, education, banking, and shipping. AI is increasingly being used in the food sector to identify and develop novel tastes in food and beverages. Carlsburg, a Danish brewer, employed artificial intelligence to […]

First Black-owned coffee shop opens in Montgomery

Montgomery’s Adams Avenue is steeped with history. To that list, you can now add The Coffee House. It is the city’s first Black-owned coffee business. Mrs. Hardmon, the owner, stated, “Having the terms “pioneer,” “trailblazer,” linked with my name, those adjectives have never followed or preceded my name, and it simply feels absolutely great.” With […]

Out-of-Control Shipping Costs Fire Up Prices From Coffee to Toys

The rising cost of transporting items around the world may affect your wallet sooner than you think, from your daily cup of coffee to the toys you were planning to purchase your kids. According to Drewry Shipping, shipping a 40-foot steel container of freight by sea from Shanghai to Rotterdam currently costs a record $10,522, […]

Lake Dunstan Cycle Trail: NZ’s coolest coffee shop floats among the mountains

Richard Foale would have been at the helm of his sleek 504 horsepower helicopter soaring above the peaks of the Southern Alps this time two years ago. He’s now driving a five-horsepower Zodiac with a huge grin on his face. He’s just parked next to his latest venture, a floating coffee store. I’m on the […]

Specialty Coffee Farmers Brew a Slow-Drip Revival

The curving road leading to Jimmy González’s coffee property is lined with mango, pineapple, and banana trees. The hot and beautiful mountainous terrain is one of Puerto Rico’s coffee manufacturing centres. From González’s fields, one can view coffee crops reaching over the hills above and below. González, 48, has worked as a cop for much […]