Treat Your Remote Workers to Tasty Coffee Gifts

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There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning routine. This is why if you’re looking for the perfect pick-me-up for your remote work teams, you should consider giving coffee gifts.

There are many reasons employers allow staff to leave the office behind, and the trend is a
growing one
. Remote teams are a great way to broaden your candidate pool as well as leverage
the multiple management tools available to manage your team. Make sure you show your
gratitude for their hard work by perking them up.

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning routine. This is why if you’re
looking for the perfect pick-me-up for your remote work teams, you should consider giving
coffee gifts. From freshly brewed coffee to gift cards, coffee gifts can please anyone on your list.
From, here are some of our top suggestions.

For Coffee Connoisseurs

Coffee drinkers can be a discriminating group, so it’s important when getting a coffee gift to
source high-quality Arabic beans. Everyone loves a good morning blend to start the day, so get
your remote team something smooth and savory. Just add some sugar, milk, and a fancy whisk
for a unique gift set.

Want to splurge on something bigger? Consider setting up a raffle for your team! Once a month
you can draw names for a truly impressive coffee gift, like a coffee maker that brews a quality
cup. This is a generous way to motivate your team and treat them to something special.

For Iced Coffee Fans

Do you have iced coffee lovers on your remote team? You can pick up some cold brew
concentrate to make their mornings easier. All they need to do is mix in their favorite milk or
non-dairy beverage and maybe some sweetener, and voila! They have an instant cup of richly-
flavored and satisfying cold brew. No fuss and no mess—so perfect for those busy remote work

If you are setting up a raffle for your team, you can include the cold brew fans by giving away a
top-rated under-the-counter beverage cooler. Some of the best beverage refrigerators come
with a higher price point, but you can find options that fit a tighter budget.

For Time-Crunched Folks

Okay, so this could really apply to anyone on your team. With so many people working from
home, everyone’s schedule is maxed out. This makes a time-saving coffee gift like a single-cup
coffee maker a thoughtful gift. An AeroPress will turn out a quality cup of coffee in no time, and
your remote staffers can even take this coffee maker on the go if they plan on traveling any time

If you need a raffle gift, pick up a quality single-serve coffee machine to help your team
members save time. Just as with the beverage coolers, there are several models and price
points to choose from, so you should be able to find something to fit your budget.

For Non-Coffee Drinkers

You don’t want to leave anyone off of your gift list, including remote team members who simply
don’t like coffee. Luckily, you can pick up a tea gift, too, like amazing black teas. Aside from
having less caffeine, black tea is also known to provide stress relief and improve gut health.
With flavors like passionfruit and peach, there’s sure to be something to please tea drinkers on
your team.

Also need a raffle option for these staffers? A beverage cooler can still be a good option so that
your tea lovers can keep their drinks nice and cold, but you can also find single-cup teas that
they can brew using one of the single-serve coffee makers mentioned above.
Whether they prefer hot or iced, coffee or tea, your team will love getting gifts. You can pick up
everything from gourmet beans to coffee gear to bold teas with a few simple clicks. is an international news hub for all things that are coffee related. On this site,
there are curated articles and videos from across the web, along with some original articles and
placements for the growing (or established) coffee vendors and enthusiasts alike to grow their

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