The Best Tools For Making Cold-Brew Coffee, According To The Experts

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Now that summer has here, it’s time to chill off with some cold-brew coffee. Cold brew is created by steeping grounds in cold water for hours, unlike ordinary iced coffee. It’s an umbrella word that encompasses a variety of coffee varieties, including nitro coffee and New Orleans-style iced coffee (more on that below).

There are a lot of gadgets on the market for making cold-brew coffee at home, but which ones are the best? We felt the folks who make cold-brew coffee for a living would be the best people to ask.

HuffPost invited Blue Bottle Coffee’s head of coffee culture Michael Phillips and One Line Coffee’s director of operations David Forman to provide the cold-brew coffee equipment they use in their cafes so that you may use the same equipment at home.

Phillips stated, “We are in a beautiful period for coffee manufacturing.” “There are more brewers out there than I can count who will assist you in making cold brew….” That said, half the enjoyment of coffee is the discovery process, so if you’re feeling experimental, go with your gut.”

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