Alabama Newscenter — Bigbee Coffee Roasters Serves Coffee and Eats – Not Time – in a Former Jail

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The scent of fresh coffee may draw your attention away from the traditional coffeehouse chalkboard, which lists a variety of cold and hot beverages, frappes, teas, and speciality beverages. Or by the food — scones, pastries, and Conecuh sausage pigs-in-a-blanket in the mornings, or loaded baked potatoes, salads, tacos, and nachos around midday – depending on the hour.

But did you see the prison cells’ bars? Yes, it is correct. You’ve been given a new lease on life as Bigbee Coffee Roasters at the former jail in Jackson, Alabama.

The restaurant/coffeehouse attracts a few tourists who have heard of its illustrious past (a renowned music group unintentionally spent some time there – see below), but the majority of customers are locals looking for a caffeine boost, some great meals, and personalised attention.

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