SCA To Host Second Coffee Retail Summit in June

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The Specialty Coffee Association is holding another Coffee Retail Summit, a free online event aimed at assisting coffee retailers in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second Coffee Retail Summit will take place in the Central European Summer Time (CEST) time zone on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 22-23.

The charitable organisation based in California and the United Kingdom organised its first Coffee Retail Summit in April, featuring a variety of retail-focused live and filmed video content with experts and specialists from the coffee retail industry. The Summit contains a free online resource library in addition to the free case.

In an announcement of the second summit, SCA CEO Yannis Apostolopoulos said, “New challenges for retail business emerge on a near-weekly basis, and continuing to promote open access to information and tools for the global speciality coffee community remains a core focus for the SCA.”

Although the pandemic’s effects continue to reverberate in the global coffee industry, many coffee retailers were dealt a swift and devastating blow in early 2020, when their businesses were forced to close either voluntarily or by government order.

Despite the fact that savvy retailers leant on online sales and kerbside pickup strategies right away, Yelp data revealed that 60 percent of restaurant closures in the United States had become permanent by May of last year. According to one prediction, one-fourth of the size of the U.S. coffee retail industry will be gone by 2020. Coffee shop sales in Europe have decreased by about 30%, according to the same group.

More recent data suggests that speciality coffee consumption in the United States could have dipped slightly during the pandemic, with “past-day” speciality coffee consumption dipping 5 percentage points between 2017-18 and January 2021.

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