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WORLD’S BEST LATTE ARTIST | Broke Thai Student Changes Coffee Scene Forever!!!

I sat down with the World’s Best Latte Artist, Arnon Thitiprasert to talk about coffee culture, latte art, and his journey to success. This year, Arnon won the 2017 World Latte Art Championship, the highest and most prestigious award in the coffee world. Arnon’s story is very inspiring. After graduating university, Arnon left Thailand to learn English in Australia. The plan was to come back to Thailand and look for a job in his field- engineering- but destiny had other plans. In Australia Arnon discovered a love for coffee and latte art. 11 years later he is the world’s best latte artist!

Arnon is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Show Arnon some love on Instagram @ristr8to

This video was definitely a passion project for me. I spent a day shooting at Arnon’s cafes and a week editing and piecing the video together. Our full interview was almost an hour so, I tried to pick the best pieces. Arnon is an inspiring young man! Humble too. All I did was slide into his DM’s and he agreed to the interview and shoot. Thank you dude.

I love interviews. Looking forward to the next one. Till the next time, GETEM!

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