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Should You Put Hot Sauce In Coffee? (Ujjo’s Hot Sauce For Coffee Review)

Video challenge: Take a shot of espresso every time I say “underlying” (or actually, maybe don’t)
It was incredibly fun to test out this tasty coffee Kickstarter and I’m even more excited to get the rest of my backing reward later this year. Thank you to Lauren for letting us have a little sneak peak at what they’re releasing!
Learn more about Ujjo Hot Sauce for Coffee here:
Kickstarter here:
The Sprudge article that got me started down this path:

A note: I am not affiliated with Ujjo nor am I profiting from sharing this product. Just interested in sharing a cool thing that I backed and something you might like as well!

See y’all soon and let me know if you’d add spice to your coffee 🙂

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