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How to make Iced Coffee Mocha Starbucks Drinks at Home

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Do you love Iced Coffee Mocha as you can get from Starbucks? Do you miss going there but lazy to go out and just wanted to enjoy making one at home? In this recipe, you can make an Iced Coffee Mocha tastes like the one you get from the Starbucks at home. It is so easy to make and delicious. Hope you get to enjoy cups of Iced Coffee Mocha at home using this recipe! 🙂

[cold coffee]
1 cup Ground Coffee –
4 cups Water

[Iced Mocha]
1/4 cup of Cube Ice
Cold Coffee (fill half of the cup)
1/2 cup Half and Half (fill the other half of cup) –
Vanilla Syrup (2 pumps or depending on your preferences) –
Chocolate Syrup –
Whipped Cream –


Note: Servings of my recipes are typically 5-6 family members.

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