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Grab a Coffee made by Robots and Taste the Future at Robo Cafe in Dubai Festival City Mall. These Robots can even play tricks on you (as what one server robot did to me) 😊

Yes, you read that right! A remarkable robotic cafe are currently manned by robots (or robo as the restaurant’s name imply) at Dubai Festival City Mall wherein they serve you treats like cakes and juices to satisfy the sweetest of your sweet tooth, and not to mention – great tasting coffee. And would you believe that they can even outdance you with their unique groove!

While this may sound like something that is only possible currently in the movies or in a rather distant future, Dubai’s first robot-run cafe is here to delight every customer with their unique way of robotic service and should I say – charm!

The bartender in the movie “Passengers” comes to mind when robotic service is mentioned. In the movie by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, they were being served by an Android (human-like, half-part robot) named Arthur played by Michael Sheen. Although the robots in Robo Cafe Dubai are not in human form just yet, we can surely see more human likeness in the robots or android in our upcoming future as technology now practically evolves as fast as speed of light.

The barista and chef robots in Robo Cafe Dubai are designed with functional arms, capable of carrying out a variety of tasks that includes heating food and mixing drinks, while the server bots is designed simply as a round, white-shaped moving apparatus (also similar to the moving robots in “Passengers” or to the movie “WALL-E”) that has the capacity to deliver food and drinks in a classy style without spillage.

Using the latest technologies in robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence), the robot arms will take orders, serve food and drinks. In addition to this, the robot arms are also programmed to perform dancing to the tune of selected music and really show synchronized grooves. Now that’s impressive!

While robots provide us a one-of-a-kind entertainment and even performs tasks that humans cannot handle in certain industries or fields, we must all remember that nothing can replace the ONE thing that only a human can provide – the Human Touch ❤️

So where will our next food-venture be? You have to stay tuned to find out! 😊

Until then, happy viewing and stay safe everyone!

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