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Latte Art Tutorial – LEAF (Slow moving latte art)

Latte Art Tutorial – Leaf (Slow moving latte art)

Learn how to make basics and advanced Leaf in latte using step by step practice.

Latte art is hard enough even for experienced barista. Make it easier with those Basic and Advanced tutorials.

Where I get Music for all my videos:

Contents :

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Front view
0:54 – Top view
1:52 – Slow motion demonstration

Coffee Gear

Dianoo Milk Jug :
Espresso Tamping Mat :
Standard Milk Jug :
Espresso Knock Box :
Hario Scale :
Drip Coffee Manual Grinder :

Camera Gear

Camera Body :
50mm Canon lens :
24-105mm Canon lens :
C-Stand :
Godox Light :
Neewer Soft Box :

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