De’Longhi Coffee Accessories – Kimbo Coffee Beans

Use the freshest coffee beans and choose your perfect blend with coffee beans from Kimbo:

Kimbo Espresso Classic – This is a blend with a great variety of aromas. A coffee endowed with a good body, notes of spices and a pleasant acidity.

Kimbo Espresso 100% Arabica – 100% Arabica coffee beans selected by our experts directly from their places of origin. The result is a perfect combination of sweetness and a pleasant acidity.

Kimbo Espresso Gourmet – Perfectly balanced in sweetness and acidity thanks to a blend of Washed and Natural Arabica coffees and Washed Robusta coffee beans.

Kimbo Espresso Prestige – An espresso with a medium body and sweetness, with hints of caramel, freshly baked biscuits and dried fruits. The finish is pleasantly acidic with a long-lasting spicy aftertaste

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