Brewing Home Espresso with the Barista Express from Sage | Coffee with April #157

This week, we’re diving into the world of home espresso brewing, taking a closer look at the Barista Express home espresso machine from Sage/Breville.

Since opening our showroom earlier this year, we’ve become more and more interested in how to brew delicious and consistent espresso without the use of fully professional or industrial coffee equipment. Thankfully, our barista Iohan has been using this domestic solution himself for the past few years and he was kind enough to let us have a play on the machine ourselves.

In this video, we discuss the grinding limitations of the machine as well as the challenge of using a non-standard size basket when designing recipes for this machine. We’re also discussing home water solutions as well as the capacity for steaming milk on machines of this size or specification.

For those of you that would like to attempt to reproduce this recipe at home, you can use the following information to guide you:

Coffee: El Salvador / Los Pirineos / Washed Carbonic Maceration (Diamond) / Pacamara / Lot Number 0212

– Dose 17g
– Yield 41g
– 25 Seconds

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