SCA Barista Foundation Module – Part 1 – Sharing my old PowerPoint slides with content explanations

Part 1 – Welcome to the world of specialty coffee baristas! These videos explore the history of espresso, grinders, espresso machines, crema, body, pulling great shots, milk steaming, latte art, customer service and more from the Specialty Coffee Association – SCA.


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Second, course launch schedule for 2020.
23 Oct Live: Introduction to Specialty Coffee
09 Nov PreSale: Foundations Roasting + Brewing
01 Dec PreSale: Foundations Green + Sensory + Barista
Jan 2021 Release x5 Intermediate Modules

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Please note this is not the official website, but this is part of my materials used in the past as an AST trainer with the SCA. My goal in sharing these PowerPoint slides with discussion of content is to help you launch into official SCA courses with a local certified trainer.

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