3D Coffee Printer, iView’s Picasso (Coffee Art Printer, Food Grade Printer, and More!)

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The iView Picasso allows users to print their selfies, art, family photos, logos and more directly on their coffee or food. Today we’ll be reviewing one.

Find it at – http://www.iviewus.com/index.php/iview-picasso.html

With the latest release of revolutionary products in iView’s innovative line of smart houseware products, the iView Picasso is the prime example of what happens when technology, innovation, and art meet.

The iView Picasso is an industrial-grade, food-safe printer that can be used to decorate the tops of drinks, cakes, and more. An ideal product for avid coffee connoisseurs looking to add a sprinkle of artistic flavor into their morning coffee, the iView Picasso is a versatile machine that can also be used to decorate to everything from beers to yogurt, milk tea, cookies, and cakes.

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