DELICIOUS Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans! (MUST TRY!)

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Crunchy, energy-packed, roasty, sweet, and chocolatey, chocolate-covered coffee beans encompass everything we need on the go—but in a compact, bite-sized snack. Throw a bunch in an air-tight bag and you have the perfect midday snack for a stroll in the park or a movie night. You can even keep a box on your office desk and munch on them for a burst of energy/caffeine—keeping you alert and improving your workflow.

But why chocolate? That’s easy! Chocolate ‘diffuses’ the bitterness of coffee beans. And unlike the animal fat that was used by our ancestors, chocolate is a delight to our palate. Think about it— first, you savor the deliciously sweet chocolate coating and the taste is immediately followed by the bold, rich flavor of the bean, ending with an electrifying jolt of caffeine goodness. If you’re already drooling at the thought of eating chocolate-covered espresso beans, you can purchase them at online stores such as Amazon or a local specialty coffee store. Or if you feel adventurous, follow our recipe and create a bunch!

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