Friends and Family’s Favorite: Instant Coffee pudding Dessert

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Instant Coffee pudding Dessert

I call this my Coffee pudding dessert. I am just a FAN of easy layered desserts. The No-Cook kind is my favorite!

Although, this recipe requires a little cooking in one step. Still this recipe is so simple and foolproof MashaAllah. You are sure to get a good end result inshaAllah. All you need,

(YTC-Mum and Mus) # Ingredients:
▪︎Cake or Biscuits for the bottom layer
▪︎1.5 cups of milk (plus 1/2 cup to soak the base)
▪︎2 packets of Caramel
▪︎1 tbl spn coffee powder
▪︎170 ml heavy cream
▪︎6 cream cheese triangles
▪︎20-25 tea biscuits (marie or ulker)

☆☆ Watch the short easy video on youtube to see how its done ☆☆

Say Bismillah, Eat good, Feel good.

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