Mr Coffee Espresso Cafe Barista VS Keurig K-Cafe Espresso Cappuccino Latte Maker How To Milk Frother

I compare the Mr Coffee ECMP Espresso Cappuccino Cafe Barista Maker to the Keurig K-Cafe Espresso Cappuccino ICED LATTE K-Cup Coffee Maker. I show you how to use both of them. I make a Cappuccino from both and put them side by side. I make a Latte from both and show you side by side. I make an ICED Latte and this is where they are different. the Keurig make a much colder ICED latte. I show you how to clean each Machine and how to take them apart to clean.
I explain how to tamp the espresso grounds and show you some tricks to using espresso coffee grounds. Amazon has put this on sale for Black Friday this year. How to be a Barista At Home

Mr. coffee espresso machine
Mr. coffee espresso cappuccino and latte maker
Mr. coffee espresso and cappuccino maker
Mr. Coffee Espresso Barista (First Latte)
HOW TO USE – Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Starbucks Coffee AT HOME

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