Artisanal turn: the rise of cold brew and nitro coffees

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Coffee has been the saving glory for many during the long months in lockdown and has served as the ultimate survival method when working long hours.

As more and more consumers are staying home to keep themselves safe, 2020 has seen the emergence of cold brews and ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee. Consumers across Asia-Pacific have become their own baristas, using pour-overs by the popular Hario or Kalita brands from Japan to brewing equipment like V60s, Moka Pots or Syphon.

It’s not simply cold brews gaining traction in 2020 but particularly the rise of nitro coffee. But what is nitro most would still ask? This niche drink is a cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen. It has low acidity but is still bold and full-bodied in flavour. Similar to how draft beers are dispensed, the infused nitrogen has sweet notes that subdue any bitter taste. Unlike the usual cold brews it’s served with froth on top, like beer.

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