The reason so many coffee manufacturers are being sued

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On October 28th, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported a massive uptick in class action lawsuits against large coffee brands. The manufacturers facing the slew of lawsuits in particular are Kroger, Walmart, Folgers, and Kraft Heinz. Each brand faces the same accusation: the amount of cups of coffee produced by each product is less than what is advertised on said product’s packaging. In the lawsuit that initially drew the outlet’s attention (the one against Kraft Heinz’s Maxwell House), the complaint is that one 26.8-ounce container of Maxwell House’s Master Blend coffee claims to yield 180 to 210 servings — provided consumers use the recommended one tablespoon per 6-ounce cup. However, the suit alleges this product fails to even render the minimum amount advertised. So feeling “deprived of the benefit of the bargain she reasonably anticipated from the product’s labeling and advertising” the customer decided to sue. The rest of the lawsuits follow a similar pattern.

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