Koia Plant Powered Products Launches Direct To Wholesale Online Platform!

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Koia Plant Powered Products Launches Direct to Wholesale Online Platform!

Koia is pleased to announce Koia’s Direct to Wholesale online order platform is open and ready for business! This platform was developed for Operators without access to Koia’s Distribution network. According to Pat Reynolds, Koia’s Director of Sales for Away From Home, operators interested in adding Koia’s Plant Powered Nutrition to their product mix can now easily order any Koia flavor online to have delivered within days!

Koia’s Direct to Wholesale minimum orders are 2 twelve packs (24 bottles). Twelve packs will have one flavor only; customers may order different flavor 12 packs. Orders are only fulfilled Monday-Wednesday and currently available in the United States only.

If you would like to apply to become a wholesaler, please apply here: drinkkoia.com/wholesale-application
For more information please contact Pat Reynolds – preynolds@drinkkoia.com

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