Coffee Recipes at Home by a barista // fall edition (pumpkin spice and more)

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this was MESSY
insta: abbelucia

here are the ingredients for all the drinks 🙂

1. PSL
– one cup of milk of your choice
– two tbsp of pumpkin puree
– sugar to taste
– two shots of espresso

2. Pumpkin Cold Brew Foam
– one can of coconut milk (chilled)
– sugar to taste
– one tbsp pumpkin puree
– cinnamon and nutmeg (to taste)
– cold brew

3. Chai Cold Brew
– chai spice mix (sweetened)
– cinnamon and nutmeg
– one can of coconut milk
– cold brew

4. Salted Caramel Mocha
– mocha sauce
– caramel sauce
– two shots of espresso
– milk of choice
– one tsp of salt

5. Maple Brown Sugar Latte
– two tbsp of brown sugar (or to taste)
– two tbsp of maple syrup
– two shots of espresso
– milk of choice

6. London Fog
– earl grey tea (two bags preferably)
– cinnamon
– milk of choice
– vanilla syrup

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