Procreate Drawing | Coffee Art ☕

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Procreate Drawing | Coffee Art ☕

I am Hui Hui, an artist from Malaysia. I will show my digital painting using Procreate Apps step by step through this YouTube Channel. My video will upload every week in the future. 😉

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我是Hui Hui來自馬來西亞的女繪畫家。我將會透過這個頻道的分享我使用IPad Pro 裏的Procreate軟件,壹步壹步從零開始創作出來的電子繪畫。每個星期將會固定上傳壹些作品。😉



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Drawing tools:
-Ipad Pro 4th generation 12.9 inch
-Apple pen 2nd generation
-Procreate version 5.0.7

#Digital Art #Procreate #Drawing

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