A Cup Of Ambition: Coffee Products Pour Into The Plant-Based Sector

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From: msn.com

So many of our eating and drinking rituals are rooted in habit, such that we rarely give them much thought and they become all but invisible in our lives. In light of this, one of the issues that often stumps people looking to end or reduce their consumption of animal products is what they’ll put in their morning coffee.

Of course, it’s 2020, and all manner of plant-based milks are available at virtually every grocery store, thanks in part to established brands like SilkDREAMCalifia Farms, and Blue Diamond, and up and coming ones like Patch OrganicsSproudmilkadamia, and Lavva. In fact, dairy alternatives have been the leading sector of the vegan food market in recent years, likely due at least in part to that fact that 65 percent of the human population, globally, is lactose intolerant to some degree – making dairy alternatives appealing to even those outside of the more-ethical consumption and special diet niches.

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