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VLOGTOBER DAY 2: Trying Dunkin Donuts fall coffee drinks & Making homemade iced coffee drinks!

Hey you, yeah you! Welcome back to my channel, and welcome if you are new! I hope that you are following along with my VLOGTOBER series! This has been so fun! Not a subscriber yet?! What are you waiting for, hit that subscribe button that would mean the world to me 🙂

In the Vlog today:
– Go to Dunkin Donuts and let the barista surprise me with choosing three of her favorite #falldrinks for me to try
– Make homemade iced coffee! YUMMMMMMM && SO EASY #diyicedcoffee
– Laundry
– A cute little toddler, stealing dads night time snack!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for DAY 3 OF VLOGTOBER! If you are just seeing this video head on back to my channel and catch up on the vlogs you missed.. or click on my playlists Ill have them in the “Vlogtober 2020” Playlist all ready for you to binge!


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