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Delicious Low Fat Iced Coffee Drinks Recipe By Risa

Delicious Low Fat Iced Coffee Drinks Recipe By Risa
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Ingredients :

Coffee (any kind)
Sugar or sugar substitute
Cream or milk (I like lower fat 5%cream) or the flavoured creams (I love Hazelnut)
Flavoured sugar free syrups (if you want regular sugar syrup that’s fine too)
Ice Cubes ( tip…. make coffee ice cubes)

Directions :

Brew your coffee or buy it made
Allow to cool on your counter top or I suggest making a lot and keeping it in a large container in your fridge.
Add the amount of coffee to a mug or a cute mason jar (looks nice to serve in them)
Add your ice cubes, milk, sweetener, cinnamon is optional and syrup
The best thing is to add less and taste it. Then add more of whatever you like!!


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