What Makes Your Bulletproof Coffee Beans Better – The Bulletproof Process

There are a variety of things we need to do with your coffee to make it perfect. We grade and sort extensively which is why there are so many steps in the Bulletproof Process.

When you look at coffee beans as they are harvested, one of the biggest variables is how experienced and well trained the harvesters are. When we harvest your Bulletproof beans, we want them to be perfect.

The beans that get rejected, for being overripe or spoiled, can ruin an entire bag of coffee. If even a few of moldy beans get into the bag, the overall toxin load won’t be where we want it. This will cause you to feel lousy when you drink the coffee – which is exactly why we go to such extreme lengths to eliminate all the chances of this happening along the supply chain.

When we do this and lab test it at the very end of coffee processing, what you will taste and feel is THE difference in Upgraded coffee.

It’s amazing that just one bad bean could ruin your entire Bulletproof Coffee experience.


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