Coffee Desserts

TIMELAPSE: Coffee and almond flavoured cherry blossom, a mayflower-inspired dessert

Head chef Sayan Isaksson and confectioner Daniel Roos created the menu for this year’s Nobel Banquet, held in honour of the Laureates and their achievements, seating 1,350 guests at the City Hall in Stockholm. The preparations have been underway since spring, and the last few days of preparations is a team effort made possible by the over 40 chefs and 260 service staff working together with meticulous precision and care to make the evening possible.

We asked confectioner Daniel Roos, if the dessert is one he would serve if hosting a dinner at home?

“Sanna [partner and colleague] and I are thinking about serving this when we’re having my parents over for Christmas. But after that no, we’ve spent weeks on this Mayflower now!”

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