Bella Barista – Which espresso coffee machine is right for you

David from Bella Barista talks you through each type of coffee machine so you can decide which one is right for you

Fed up of the throw away culture and items only lasting/designed to last for a few years, we setup Bella Barista Est.1998. We strongly believe in commercial built, hand assembled coffee machines for the home. Knowing if we offered the correct support customers would not only enjoy great coffee but also have the ability to maintain a beautiful piece of machinery.

All of the coffee machines and grinders available to purchase through the Bella Barista website are expertly chosen. We have already done the hard work for you.

We have a UK based showroom open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm that includes most of the coffee machines and espresso grinders on display, with demo machines to use. This is backed up by a great team of knowledgeable (SCA Barista Trained) staff on hand to help you decide on your purchase.

Did you know we also roast coffee?
Bella Barista also has an award winning small batch coffee roastery. The Roastery @ Bella Barista has a small dedicated team with great knowledge and experience within the UK coffee roasting industry. Carefully selecting and sampling high Q grade Arabica coffees. Purchasing coffee through the Bella Barista website gives you the opportunity to try some of the best coffee freshly roasted from around the world.

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