Coffee Art

3D Coffee Art In Japan

Coffee Art

3D Coffee Art In Japan

For those bored with a regular cup of coffee and looking for something more eye-catching, one may need look no further than Tokyo’s Kohei Matsuno and his style of 3D coffee art.

Matsuno started his coffee art career only four years ago. Two years later, he started working on three-dimensional works of art.

He explained that working in 3D is essentially a race against time as all of his works have to be completed within 5 minutes.

“The foam keeps breaking down, so you become unable to draw fine details. In other words, you can’t make 3D art that defies gravity,” Matsuno explained.

On Sunday (October 27), he took his latte-making skills to making replicas of man’s best friend with owners coming in to have their dogs made in coffee foam.

“Seeing it in 3D is a first, and it looks just like him, so it’s a bit of a shame to actually drink it. But even so, I think I’m going to have to so thank you very much!,” said 27-year-old Akira Yoshioka who had brought in his dog named Kuro.

For Matsuno however, he eventually hopes to have a chance at having his work recognized more widely and eventually even hope that there will be a world-wide community of 3D latte makers.

“There’s world championships where they draw hearts or leaves now, but if they had a 3D version then I’d love to take part and actually win. So I hope someone actually does that,” Matsuno said.

Matsuno is not the only person to draw 3D art, with another artist in western Japan also making similar art. However, Matsuno says he’s the only one who takes his suitcase and portable espresso machine around Tokyo to plug in wherever he’s wanted.

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