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STARBUCKS MUMBAI food, coffee, dessert | Favorites from Starbucks India menu

STARBUCKS is the perfect place to enjoy coffee, food and a little bit of chill time. Hope you enjoyed this vlog from Starbucks Mumbai.
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After so many food vlogs in Mumbai, I decided to film something light. Mumbai has many cafes, and while they all have a charm of their own, I find Starbucks to be very convenient. Firstly, you can just get one coffee and sit there for hours without worrying about them disturbing you. So its a great place to work from. And secondly, I found such delicious Indian food and snack varieties there that you must try when you visit STARBUCKS the next time. They also have free wifi and that is something that I absolutely need for being able to work or even use social media! Of course their coffee is good, but for me I like their FRAPPEs better. So here are the best items from STARBUCKS INDIA that you should try too!
Chhole Masala Wrap
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich
Java Chip Frappe
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Lemon Loaf Cake

This is a an expensive cafe, so I don’t go here too often. But when I do, these are usually what I indulge in.

Here is another cafe in Mumbai that I absolutely love


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