Coffee Art

latte art- boredom + barista = fantastic coffee

it’s rare that i have time to even think on a normal work day let alone do i have the time to sit down and enjoy a loverly espresso from only the finest blend from my good friends at glee roasters, but to have NO CUSTOMERS IS UN HEARD OF!!!!!! to save myself from pulling my have out i whipped out the camera and snapped a few vids having fun with some of my old yet favorite designs, as holidays are another two weeks where i am so i should have plenty of time to record some more vids, i’ll also get cracking on some new designs and see what i can come up with, but enjoy this vid anyway cause i was pretty happy with the two vids plus i chucked the last one in for fun cause i managed to get it on cam as well, that bowl i poured it in is pretty interesting shaped so over the coming days i’ll see what i can get happening with it, keep posted anyway and for all around my way pop in cause i need something to do to fill the slow days

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