Come to Work with Me (Barista in Melbourne)

Disclaimer :
I’m not a pro barista..
I did have some wrong technique while dosing, tamping and making shots, which I already fixed and changed by now..
This was a very down time of the day where I’m all by myself in the machine, and I could take out my camera and filmed myself..
Normally, the busiest time of the day is in the morning, and I have another barista with me on the machine, he’s doing the shot and I’m doing the milk..
Somewhere in between we would have a third person, doing the pouring and calling out the customers name..

But this is just a fun video.. Giving you a slight hint of what it’s like being a barista in Melbourne..

Do give this video a thumbs up and share it to your friends, hehe..
Next time I might make another video while on the busiest time of the day.. I just have to get permission from the other barista.. hehe..

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