[ASMR] Friendly Barista Fails to Actually Recommend You Coffee [Barista]

It’s a long day, and you’re looking for some coffee to wake you up! You go into a coffeehouse, only to find the barista chewing out the espresso machine she’s cleaning…


Thank you to Phantasmic for commissioning this video!

First, shoutout to FearlessLyn and her Flirty Barista series. ☕ As soon as I got this commission, I knew I had to reference your girl in some way. (Despite hating bitter stuff, my girl is apparently a very bitter bae.)

Secondly, the opinions in this video are for the purposes of entertainment and not my own.
–because personally, I absolutely hate cake.

Good luck to all of you throwing back coffee as you prepare for finals! You can do it!

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by me, vividlyvisceral (
by me.
[Sound Effects]
Shop Door with Bell Opened – Digiffects Sound Effects Library
Audacity (Recording), Sony Vegas Pro15 (Video Editing), Clip Studio (Art)

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