Make Super frothy coffee like a Pro BARISTA.

Can’t get to Starbucks for a super frothy coffee? No problem. With this simple guide you can make your own ultra-super-frothy-coffee in less than a minute, using common kitchen ingredients and no special equipment.

This actually started out as a serious project when I bought some sachets of Nescafe’s self-foaming coffee themed drinks. It made me wonder if I could create something similar using all dry ingredients including food grade foaming additives. It went horribly wrong when I added too much of the foaming ingredients and it exploded everywhere. It was so funny the way it volcanoed out of the cup that i thought I’d make a video of it.

You CAN actually make your own instant frothy coffee using just sugar, instant coffee, creamer and JUST A PINCH of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid.

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