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Review: Brew Grind (BG) Burr for Baratza Sette Grinders

Review of the Brew Grind burr for Baratza Sette series coffee grinders. Marc from Whole Latte Love reviews the BG accessory burr which fits all Sette grinders including the Sette 30 AP, Sette 270 and Sette 270W. Sette grinders come equipped with Baratza’s AP (all purpose) burr which is the best choice for fine grinding for brew methods like espresso. The BG burr is a better choice for brew methods like drip, press and other immersion brewing methods which use a coarser grind. Learn how to tell the difference between the BG and AP burrs, how to easily switch out and install burrs in Sette grinders and get a close up look at grind quality produced by the BG and AP burrs.

Learn more and purchase a BG burr here:

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