How to Use Coffee Grounds for Plants

In this episode of Gardening 101, I will show you how to use coffee grounds in the garden. I “brew” a mixture of used coffee grounds, Epsom Salt and rainwater to feed my plants all season long. The coffee grounds add nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals that support plant growth. Epsom Salts help plants produce chlorophyll and will increase the phosphorous and nitrogen. This will help plants create blooms and your beans to set.

I typically add 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salt per gallon of water, and I add coffee grounds (about a 1/3 cup per day) all week. Let the solution “brew” for a week by stirring daily, and I typically add 1 cup to the base of each plant. Add this solution to your plants, and I think you will see some excellent growth and produce from your tomatoes and peppers.

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