Baristas Hate When Customers do These 5 Things at the Coffee Shop

If you’re the type who rattles off a list of specifics as to how you want your coffee, the barista has a list for you to follow as well.

Baristas hate when you do these five things at the coffee shop.

Don’t complain about the prices, according to a bunch of baristas Insider spoke with.

Coffee experts say the drinks are expensive because they’re made with high-quality beans and products and the labor it takes to make them.

Baristas hate when you toss your coffee into the trash bags because it makes a big mess, starts to stink and can even melt the bag itself.

This one should be common sense, but baristas hate when you order a drink while on the phone.

It’s rude and it wastes time.

Some folks out there intentionally add something to their drink after they’ve already paid.

An extra pump of this, an extra shot of that – in hopes of getting it for free.

Bustle says baristas hate dealing with these customers.

They also don’t like it when folks order one coffee, take up a prime seat and turn the place into a personal workstation.

Insider says you might want to think about ordering more throughout the day because baristas they talked with take notice.

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