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Home Latte Art with just a French Press

Today I will show how to make a latte art without expensive equipment.
You need just the basic things – coffee, that you can make whatever way you like (espresso, dripping coffee, percolate, Turkish coffee, instant), a French Press, and milk. It’s better to use the whole mile – I’m using 3.85 % fat milk.
The procedure is very simple – heat the milk to 140-160 F – on the range, in microwave, by torch – it’s up to you. The main thing – do not overheat it, there shouldn’t be any coagulation in it.
Then make your coffee, and froth your milk. You will make a nice latte for sure – but the secret to be able to make a latte art with this milk is not to stretch the milk to much. The volume of milk should increase just for about 1 cm, and it should look like a wet paint. Try to avoid large bubbles, you can get rid of the small ones later, by tapping and swirling the pitcher. The stretch phase (when you add air to the milk) is very short, just a couple of seconds, then you texture the milk, spreading the air. And finally – make your latte!

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