Coffee Drinks

#2 ASMR Good Day Coffee Drinks in Bottle. Drinking Sounds. No talking.

I drink Good Day coffee drinks again. But this time the coffee drinks in bottle. There are 4 flavors; originale cappuccino, funtastic mocacinno, tiramisu bliss & avocado delight. All are good.
Drinking starts at 01.10

This is an ASMR video eating & drinking sounds. Don’t watch it if you don’t like watching & hearing people eating & drinking. You can consider this as an eating show or mukbang (먹방) too. Please use the earphones for louder eating sounds because I didn’t edit the sounds ( I think my mic is good enough). Thanks.
I recorded this video at 02.00 in the morning to have quiet environment.

Good Day Coffee drinks in bottle (@ 250 ml).
Price : +- 6500 idr

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