STORM | Barista Attitude

Everyday, for more than two centuries, coffee has been landing in the heart of Europe, in Trieste, a meeting point of intercontinental maritime routes and the Adriatic-Baltic and Mediterranean corridors. Trieste boasts a history of landings and trades permitted by its free port status awarded to it back in the eighteenth century.

Trieste is coffee culture. The Old Port, built in the second half of the nineteenth century is a splendid specimen of industrial and commerce archeology. The port’s thermodynamic power station was chosen as the best setting for Storm short movie, both for the industrial style and for the presence of steam produced when it’s working, something in common also with espresso machines.
Inspiration, style and love for anything good start here. And also Storm’s journey starts here.

Storm is an espresso machine that has a “Barista Attitude”, as it boasts several features specifically designed to facilitate everyday work: ergonomics, Dry Steam, the cool touch steam wand, the pre-infusion control, pressure, temperature and many more.

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