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Outdoor parties are the best way to spend summer holidays with friends. Watch this video and find awesome lifehacks for a perfect summer party.
Check out these incredible ideas:
– Check out a cool way to serve ice-cream
– If you don’t want to spend money on cookie cutters, you can easily make them out of aluminum foil
– You will love the recipe of coffee jellies! Prepare the coffee and pour the coffee into a silicone mold and freeze. After that add 1 tbsp of gelatin to the cup of water and stir. Then add a ½ cup of condensed milk. And pour to the silicon mold and freeze for 10 minutes
– Freeze coffee in ice cube silicone mold. After that place coffee ice cubes into a glass and pour milk. The perfect iced latte is ready!
– Mix a cup of espresso, ½ cup of cream, syrup. And freeze. Ice cream is ready!
– Check out how to keep drinks cold. Fill balloons with water and freeze them. It’s a perfect substitute for ice and keeps your party drinks cold for the whole evening
– Inflate balloons using soda and vinegar
– Use plastic cups to serve different snacks and appetizers like veggies, chips, nachos
– You can easily make an easy portable fire pit out of cookies tin box, soda can, and pebbles
– Do you need a birthday cake for your party? Make a low-fat and incredibly tasty desserts – no-bake watermelon cake. To make this simple cake, cut off a watermelon’s rind then cover in whipped cream and decorate with berries or anything you like
– Check out several ways how to quickly cut a watermelon

00:52 DIY Cookie cutters
01:24 Coffee desserts
02:22 Coffee ice-cream pops
02:58 Watermelon bomb
06:12 Outdoor buffet ideas
08:35 DIY Portable fire pit

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