Coffee Bean Cookies 香酥咖啡豆小餅乾 ll Apron

Coffee Bean Cookies 香酥咖啡豆小餅乾 ll Apron

無鹽奶油 unsalted butter 60g / 1/4cup
糖霜 icing sugar 40g / 5Tbsp
蛋黄 egg yolk 1
即溶咖啡 instant coffee 1/2Tbsp
热水hot water 1Tbsp
低筋面粉 cake flour 120g / 1cup
可可粉 cocoa powder 10g / 1,1/2Tbsp

摄氏170 / 华氏340 烤 15-17分钟
Bake at 170°C / 340°F for 15-17 minutes

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