Coffee Desserts

How to make Coffee Jelly | Creamy Coffee Jelly (simple dessert)

Creamy Coffee Jelly


740ml all purpose cream (chilled overnight)
390g condensed milk (condensed milk)
16g instant coffee powder

Coffee gulaman:

25g unflavored black gulaman
4g instant coffee powder
1 cup white sugar
5 cups water
1/2 cup tapioca(optional)
1.5 liter water


1) Coffee gulaman: Gradually sprinkle gulaman powder and stir until it dissolves
2) Stir in 4g coffee powder and white sugar
3) Turn the heat on and stir constantly until it boils
4) Turn the heat off and pour mixture into a mold
5) Cool completely and let it set up
6) Cut gulaman into small cubes
7) Cook tapioca and set aside
8) Cream procedure: Combine condensed milk and instant coffee
9) Mix well and set aside
10)Whip cream on high speed until it doubles(10min.)
11)Gradually add coffee-milk mixture and whip for another 3 min.
12)Cover and chill

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