Coffee Art


If you are tired of drinking the same coffee every morning, then take a look at these original ideas of making a coffee drink. In this video you will definitely find a suitable recipe! Do you want to surprise your guests with an original presentation? Great! Just see how you can decorate your cappuccino or latte. Believe me, it’s easy! With cream, chocolate sauce or cinnamon, you can draw a sunset or a beautiful Swan. Try to draw a bear or cute paws. You can even paint a coffee portrait. Yes, you will definitely succeed! Just watch this video. In addition, you will please your loved ones if you cook morning coffee and decorate it with a heart of cinnamon.
If you do not know how to make great coffee, do not worry! After this video you will learn how to make any kind of coffee. For example, cappuccino or macchiato. Believe, you will learn about all the popular types of coffee and be sure to try them.
Don’t you like hot coffee? Then see how you can make cold coffee drinks! Just freeze the coffee cubes and add cream or milk.
Usually we throw out coffee gruel, but it is very useful! It can be used to make a natural coffee facial scrub. Or a great coffee mask! Then your face will be perfect. And most importantly, it’s a natural product! You can use coffee gruel for the whole body. For example, it is easy to get rid of cellulite or wrinkles.
If you like tea better, then see how you can make it. You will find recipes for delicious herbal tea that you can mix with honey or mint. Ahead of the summer, so you need to prepare your body. Detox tea will definitely help you with this!

0:06 Latte-art
4:24 Cinnamon-art
4:51 Coffee scrub
5:04 Types of coffee
7:33 Herbal tea recipes
8:21 Coffee art
9:04 Lifehacks beauty with coffee

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