Coffee Drinks

[Live-Coding] Laravel Coffee Drinks Calculator with QuickAdminPanel 2019

Real project from Upwork – simplified – done mostly in 20 minutes.

This is first live-coding video with our NEW 2019 version of QuickAdminPanel generator:

Code on Github:

[0:00] Intro and About Project
[1:41] Generating CRUDs in QuickAdminPanel 2019
[4:34] Previewing the Panel
[5:11] Installing and Testing Panel Locally
[7:37] New Drink Form: Removing Fields and Auto-Populating User ID
[10:50] Adding “Completed Drink” action in View and Controller
[14:12] Seeding Drinks Data for Dashboard Reports
[18:22] Generating Dashboard Reports with QuickAdminPanel
[20:34] Outro

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