Inexpensive and Relatively Simple Method for Roasting Coffee Beans at Home.

I struggled for a while trying to roast coffee beans but I think I have it down.

There are three challenges when trying to roast coffee beans, smoke, chaff and a way to cool the beans quickly.

I found a stanless steel basket at Sam’s Club that was designed to cook vegetables on a grill. The holes are small enough that coffee beans do not fall through. I also tried popcorn but the kernels are too small.

I used a charcoal grill but any heat source should work. A gas grill, small wood fire or even an electric hot plate should work just as well as long as you can generate a lot of heat.

I already owned the floor fan. In this video, I have it pivoted up to its maximum so I can simply hold the basket over the fan and the air circulates the beans in the basket and they cool very quickly.

I roast about one pound at a time. The basket will hold more but I am always concerned I will make a mistake so I only risk one pound at a time.

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