Best Gourmet Coffee Beans: Ethiopian Harrar Coffee by Pangeo Coffee

Exclusive Pangeo Coffee Beans Review by
What we really like about Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
– Unbelievable aroma
– Blueberry notes
– Aftertaste

Pangeo Coffee Beans available in following grind:
– Whole Bean
– Drip Grind
– Espresso Grind
– French Press Grind

ABOUT Pangeo Coffee Beans:
The ancient city of Harrar sits atop the eastern Ethiopia hills near the Somali border. We are there regularly to help our villages, and we see the world-famous Harrar coffee beans being dry processed (or natural processed). That means they’re turned by hand in the glittering sun after being picked golden-ripe, giving the beans a unique hand-crafted reputation.
Our Fair Trade Organic Harrar has a sweet aroma, medium-to-heavy body, and we roast it to where the blueberry notes come through with perfection! Harrar is a perfect choice for any coffee drinker because of its unique flavor and long-lasting respect from coffee experts worldwide.
Down the hill from Harrar, we’re giving development help to the villages of Hurso, Garmaam and Megaladi.
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