Best Gourmet Coffee Beans: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee by Pangeo Coffee

Exclusive Pangeo Coffee Beans Review by
What we really like about Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
– Aroma
– Smooth Flavor and Aftertaste

Pangeo Coffee Beans available in following grind:
– Whole Bean
– Drip Grind
– Espresso Grind
– French Press Grind

ABOUT Ethiopian Yirgacheffe by Pangeo Coffee:
Grown in the rich soil of south-central Ethiopia, some people say that Yirgacheffe coffee is the smoothest they’ve ever tasted. We’re there frequently and we shot the video on the front of our website this past summer. The Yirgacheffe soil yields coffee with notes of honey suckle, light citrus and sugar.

Yirgacheffe beans are wet-processed, different from the Harrar dry-processing, giving them a medium intensity. Our medium-roasted Organic Yirgacheffe carries a distinct floral aroma and finish, ensuring you’ll agree with the often-stated claim that Yirgacheffe is one of Africa’s premium coffees.

Just south of Yirgacheffe, our village staff are helping the drought-devastated villages of Tuk’a, Kakalo and Mudi Ambo.

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