Coffee Desserts

coffee halwa recipe/easy 3- ingredients dessert

Sweet Fillings again gets a yummy 3 – ingredients dessert


1) 1cup milkmaid
2) 1cup semolina
3) 2 tsp coffee powder
4) 1 tsp butter or ghee – (optional)
5) 1 glass of water – (you can also add milk instead of water)
6) Almond and chocolate sauce for garnishing


1) Heat butter in a pan
2) Add semolina and coffee powder
3) Add water and stir well to avoid lumps.
4) Add milkmaid and keep stirring.
5) When the mixture thickens – its done
6) Grease small cups with butter and pour the mixture in them.
7) Let it cool down for sometime.
8) Unmould it and garnish them with chocolate sauce and almonds.

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