Coffee Desserts


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0:01 – meringue disco ball. Pip the meringue on the inside of a half sphere mold so that you can get a webbed/holey effect to the meringue ball.

0:55 – meringue donut/ meringnut/ doreingue. Grease the donut tin with a bit of butter then line it with strips of baking paper – then once it’s baked you just lift it from the strips of paper and BAM – meringnut! You can fill it with a strawberry cream, crushed sweet cookies, and fresh blackberries.

1:50 –chocolate technique. So what you’ve got to do is add tempered chocolate to a piping bag, then pipe it into ice cold water (you could use ice cold alcohol). Let it sit for about 10-15s then mold it in your hands into a nest or whatever shape you want. The chocolate essentially seizes in the ice water and creates these cool shapes. It’s a little bit fiddly and I definitely need to work on making some better shapes! The whole dessert is a coffee mousse entremets, with a chocolate & hazelnut brownie disc, pink velvet spray, gold dust and a tempered chocolate nest.

2:44 – coconut bay macarons. Vanilla macaron shells dipped in chocolate then coated in sweet coconut flakes filled with chocolate ganache and topped with a vanilla meringue kiss.

3:28 –meringue design technique. Make a polka dot meringue cylinder filled with a mascarpone cream, raspberry compote, and a pastry disc. It ended up looking like a mini cake.

4:25 – this is a chocolate pastry case filled with chocolate creme patisserie (which is on its own, one of the greatest fillings EVER) topped with toasted vanilla meringue.

4:53 – Captain America/ 4th July/ Spiral Macarons. This is such a fun, but painstaking technique – it takes a good 15m to pipe one tray. You can fill them with vanilla cream and melted chocolate.

5:46 – chocolate meringue macarons.

6:45 – this is a sweet pastry case filled with vanilla pastry cream, flourless chocolate cake, a raspberry coulis disc and then topped with a vanilla mousse sphere and toasted Italian meringue.

7:45 – vanilla macarons with a mascarpone vanilla cream and a sticky cinnamon apple compote in the middle. It’s just thinly sliced apple, held together with a toothpick then carefully fanned out – so easy to do. A good little tip is to spritz the apple with a bit of lemon juice to stop them browning.

8:43 –a really simple apple tart just made a lil’ fancy with a swirl of freshly sliced apple, and an on top.
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